Hi there, I'm Jeison Higuita.

Colombian Software Engineer, Lifelong learner and Photographer living in Amsterdam, currently working at bitvavo.com.

Career History

Sketch. Create. Code. Improve.

let's look around.

Working for Recharge.com (Jun 2019 - Present)

We have been helping to thousands of persons every day to buy online credit fast and secure, creating from zero the new version of Recharge.com able to support +20 countries, + 20 languages, providing a customizable platform for content editors using Headless CMS, and making life easier for devOps using Serverless Architecture. Our Stack:
  • Vue with Nuxt.js as SSR framework
  • Typescript as main language
  • Serverless AWS Lambda.
  • Contentful as Headless CMS.
  • GraphQL client/server.
  • Style system with TailwindCSS and Storybook.
  • CI/CD with Gitlab using "review apps" approach.
  • QAWolf for run QA Automation.

Sweetgreen Android
Working for Matter Supply Co (nov 2018 - may 2019)

I worked with an amazing team developing the Sweetgreen Android App using React Native as base of our development. We had done big challenges trying to create the best mobile user experience, working over the common RN limitations, improving a lot the performance with custom base components, custom screen controllers and great use of the state managment, making possible the accessibility and the clean navigation. Our Stack:
  • React Native
  • Serverless AWS Lambda as the only endpoint for our GraphQL server.
  • GraphQL for consume, optimize, parse and 'clean' the data.
  • Apollo server and Apollo client, for use GraphQL on server and app.
  • Redux, Reselect and RxJS for make possible the side effects.
  • Our custom theme using Styled components.
  • CI with fastline and appcenter.

Working for Matter Supply Co (Aug 2018 - Nov 2018)

"Just do it campaign". We had worked implementing a static/generated website using a CMS structure, perfect for a fast rendering site and using all the power of Gatsby+React for customize the CMS entries and improve the SEO and performance. We used Contentful as CMS provider, that helped us to made a completly moldable web structure based on the content also consume this data as GraphQL API queries. Our Stack:
  • React+Gatsby
  • Contenful as CMS data provider
  • Serverless AWS Lambda as the only endpoint for the static website.
  • Cloudinary as CDN for static content and image manipulation
  • GraphQL for consume the Contenful graphql-data.
  • Apollo client, for use GraphQL on our web.
  • Redux, Reselect and RxJS for make possible the side effects.
  • Our custom theme using emotion.

Working for Globant (Jan 2017 - Aug 2018)

I worked with a distributed team in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and US developing the new version for espn.com frontpage, schedule and diferents leagues a competitions. Our focus was the high Quality, full support for a lot of devices, countries, languages and timezones, also a 90% test coverage and fast rendering for support one of the most visited websites in US. We made a big migration from BackboneJS to a server rendered React/Node arquitecture. Our Stack:
  • React
  • Webpack for module bundle managment
  • Our own components playbook
  • State managment with Mobx
  • Our own server proxy for consume third party services (Ads, Analytics, I18N, etc)
  • Our own server render and routing managment with Express
  • Mocha/Chai/Enzyme as expect for unit and integration testing

Platzi (YC 2015)
Working for Platzi (Jun 2015 - Oct 2016)

I worked creating the best video education experience in LATAM developing for the full platform (VoD, video streaming, frontpage, administration, support) providing new features and bug fixiging for improve the user experience and the website retention. We made a big migration from technologies like JQuery and Backbone to React/Redux. Our Stack:
  • React
  • Webpack for module bundle managment
  • Routing with React Router
  • State managment with Redux
  • Server Render with node/React
  • Sockets with socket.io
  • A lot of third party services as Stripe, Paypal, Front, Mailchimp, etc
  • Our custom theme using stylus.

Working for Workep (Feb 2014 - Jul 2015)

As tech founder my work was help to take the technical decitions about code, implementations, third party services, lead the development and make possible the results in crazy deadlines for our customers and investors. We implement all our architecture in AWS and run an API for data procesing and a server render with React. Our Stack:
  • React for the UI
  • Gulp + Browserify for module/task runner
  • State managment with Flux
  • Render server with Node Hapi/React
  • API for data manipulation created with Node Hapi
  • Mongo and Redis as Database
  • Sockets with socket.io for our chat system
  • AWS cloud arquitecture (S3, CloudFront, Beanstalk)